Heatin Up
  • Garlic Sriracha

    Garlic that can kick it.

    When you take a bite, do your tacos bite back? Kick things up with the garlicky goodness of our Garlic Sriracha Sauce. With a bold blend of red jalapeños, ripe tomatoes, and a big kick of garlic, you’ll say “adios” to lame-o tacos. Because when it comes to taking tacos seriously, this sauce ain’t playing games.

  • Roasted Chipotle

    Boom! Roasted.

    Take your taco to the streets with a sweet, smoky, peppery pour of chipotle perfection. Our Roasted Chipotle Sauce is a killer combo of smoked chiles and a touch of sweetness with a subtle peppery punch. Because when the smoke clears, all that’s left is mad flavor. Grab a bottle, give it a pour and let the fire-roasted flavors roar.

  • Hatch Green Chile

    Mean, green, Hatch chile machine.

    Other sauces may say they have Hatch, but they’re really just hacks. Get ready for the real deal with our Hatch Green Chile Sauce, made with green chiles straight from the Hatch Valley in New Mexico. These prized little pepper possessions are a Southwestern favorite sure to make your next taco seriously next-level.

  • Red Chile Tomatillo

    Heat from the streets.

    Bring the fire – and the flavor – with our Red Chile Tomatillo Sauce. Each blazin’ bottle is full of bold ingredients like red-hot chiles, a punch of tart tomatillos, and the kind of kick only Texas kitchens can bring. So, what’re you waiting for? Take that taco up a whole lotta notches.

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